Born to a military family in 1948, John grew up in Europe, Japan, and several regions of the United States.  From his earliest memories, the world has been perceived as dancing light, visual images, color, and forms.  While in Europe, as a very young child, his family frequently visited the great museums and opera houses.  As a youngster in Iramagawa, Japan, he was privileged to study oil painting and European Impressionism with a private tutor for 3 years.  Public school art classes and science classes enlivened his mind.  Following high school, he studied Zoology and Ecology at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Later, as a teacher and Field Biologist, he took university level drawing and painting classes (as time would allow) at the University of Alaska, Anchorage and LSU, Baton Rouge.  Teachers such as Millard Sheets, Judi Betts, Robert Bateman, Richard Stroud, Mike Crespo, and Dr. John P. O’Neill (LSU) greatly influenced him and brought his dual career paths of art and science into sharp and harmonious focus.

He and his collaborator, colleague, and wife, Susan Lince ( ), now have a home and studios in Chaska, Minnesota with a summer home and studio in Cornucopia, Wisconsin.  His original oil paintings are accomplished with a palette knife or fingers. 



John R. Hopkins & Susan A. Lince (2)


J. R. Lince-Hopkins with wife Susan

     His work is represented by:

     The Sower Gallery in Chaska, MN

     Lynx North Studio and Gallery in Chaska, Minnesota

(by appointment)

(Below) Plein Air Field Work in New Mexico

Hewlett-PackardWood Frog Technical Illustration

Wood Frog Technical Illustration



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